Friday, July 22, 2016

The Daily Show Make America Fear Again Live

Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Rebrands the RNC: ‘Make America Fear Again’

When Trevor Noah previewed The Daily Show’s trip to the RNC to The Daily Beast last week, he said he was excited at the prospect of the GOP nomination “somehow slipping out of Donald Trump’s grasp.” Now that the majority of delegates have officially named him the nominee, it seems that dream was too good to be true. But there was plenty more “chaos” for Noah and his team to cover Tuesday night.

After entering Donald Trump-style from a cloud of smoke and blazing backlight, Noah said, “I know some of you will say I plagiarized that entrance, but it just reflects how I feel about being in Cleveland!”
The host began with Melania Trump’s speech from the night before, in which she talked about becoming an American citizen. “Unfortunately, the American citizen she became was somehow Michelle Obama,” he said.
After showing the back-to-back evidence of Melania’s plagiarism, Noah remarked, “God damn, Melania Trump just did something a black woman did first and passed it off as her own. Or as Iggy Azalea calls it, her new hit.”
But he saw bigger problem with the way the Trump campaign refused to acknowledge the problem. “It would have been so easy for them to just own up. Especially when this is a lie that not one person in America believes,” he said, saying this could serve as a preview of how a Trump administration would reject reality. “This group of people, given actual power, will put us in some deep shit.”
Noah joked that the only way we will ever know the truth is if Kim Kardashian uses her Snapchat account to expose Melania Trump. “I wrote the whole speech myself, except for the parts I intentionally plagiarized from Michelle Obama,” the show imagined her saying in a surreptitiously taped phone call to Kanye West. “No one will ever know. If they catch me, I will say it was remix.”
After a break, Noah moved on to cover the rest of the night’s speeches, which were loosely held together by the theme, “Make America Safe Again.” However, he said, the whole thing felt more like, “Make America Fear Again.”
“You guys are acting like America is Westeros and winter is coming,” he told the GOP. “Forget ‘Make America Safe Again.’ After that I just wanted to make my underpants dry again.” Noah was especially incensed by the remarks of Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who got cheers for noting that the cop who killed Freddie Gray was acquitted of all charges. “Get the fuck out of here, man!” he said.
After everything else that went down on night one of the convention, Noah said he found Melania Trump’s plagiarism of Michelle Obama almost “hopeful.” Instead of shaming the potential first lady, he said, “We should be encouraging her.”

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