Thursday, March 10, 2011

Amazing price for rare 'Spider-Man'

In this comic book cover released by ComicConnect/MetropolisComics, the cover of the Spider-Man comic, 'Amazing Fantasy #15,' is shown. (AP Photo/ComicConnect/MetropolisComics)

A copy of the web-slinger’s 1962 debut comic book fetches a sky-high price.

The world's most underrated cities

Glasgow Photo: Jason Smith / Alamy 

Scotland's Glasgow could well have the best music scene in Great Britain.

Five popular money tips you should ignore

Woman with piggybank(Thinkstock)

Avoiding credit cards is unwise, since doing so can make it hard to get a mortgage.

Meet Michelle Obama's style dream team

Michelle Obama; (L-R; Leslie E. Kossoff-Pool/Getty Images and Win McNamee/Getty Images) 

It takes five talented people to help the first lady look so good all the time.

Stars flaunt latest fashion trend

Amanda Seyfried, Paris Hilton 

Eight ways you can still find cheap airfares

Eight Tips for Finding Cheap Airfares

A United Airlines jet lifts off from the airport in Portland, Ore.(AP Photo/Greg Wahl-Stephens) 

 Flights tend to cost less on certain days of the week and times of the day.

What it's like to have a really cool job

Alice Shin eating food in Asia (Pei Wei) 


This workout – a favorite of celebrities – is the latest Hollywood craze.

Former college star slams Duke over race

In this file photo taken November 1991, Michigan's Fab Five from left, Jimmy King, Juwan Howard, Chris Webber, Jalen Rose and Ray Jackson pose in Ann Arbor, Mich. (AP file photo) 

 Jalen Rose, whose Michigan team lost to the Blue Devils in the 1992 title game, "hated everything" about them.

Five ways to get your lousy boss fired

Angry executive (ThinkStock) 

 If a manager is making life miserable for you and your coworkers, you can fight back.

U.S. jobs returning, with a big catch

Jobs returning — but good ones not so much

When it comes to jobs, it's not just quantity that matters--it's also quality. It's great news that the economy is finally producing jobs again--even if it'll take another few years of this kind of growth to get us back to where we were before the Great Recession. But that also means it's now time to ask what kind of jobs are being created. And on that front, things are a lot less encouraging.

Several recent studies suggest that the new jobs pay less and offer fewer work hours than the ones they have replaced. Let's look at the numbers:

Player says we all got his name wrong

Kendrys Morales says we’ve been spelling his name wrong

After seven years of having his name incorrectly spelled and announced at major and minor league ballparks all over the United States, Los Angeles Angels first baseman Kendry Morales(notes) has decided to speak up and set the record straight.

His first name is actually spelled with an 's'.From Kevin Baxter's LA Times blog:
  His given name on his birth certificate is spelled Kendrys, with an "s" on the end. Asked Wednesday which spelling he preferred, Morales was adamant about restoring the final consonant.

Jordan stuns player with MVP prediction

Michael Jordan (AP Images) 

 The hoops legend makes a bold pick, and