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What to expect from the iPhone 5

IPhone 5: What to expect (Michael Nagle/Getty Images)

All signs point to a new device from Apple debuting sometime this month.

While no one outside of Apple's inner circles know what it will be called — iPhone 5, new iPhone or something else altogether — all signs point to a new device on the market by the third week of September.
Between leaked photos out of Asia, patent filings, Foxconn CEO comments (the Chinese manufacturer responsible for building Apple's products), cellular carriers clearing stock of the iPhone 4S (and telling employees not to take a vacation between Sept. 21 through 30), it's pretty certain the iPhone 5 — let's just call it that for the time being — will be available in a month's time.
The new phone is expected to be officially announced on September 12, when preorders would also start, and available about a week later.
And let's face it: there's a lot riding on this release for Apple — now the most valuable company in history at more than $619 billion — to keep its momentum going in the right direction. By some analysts' predictions, Apple could be the world's first "trillion-dollar baby" if the new iPhone, a possible iPad mini and an iTV product all succeed.
OK, so what's the iPhone 5 going to have, you ask? A lot, by all accounts -- and we're not even referring to what's confirmed to be in the upcoming iOS 6 operating system. Let's take a look at what we know and what we think we know.
Bigger screen
It's not likely to be as big as the Samsung Galaxy S III's 4.8-inch display, but iPhone 5 will likely have a bigger screen than the 3.5-incher we've been staring at on the iPhone since it launched in 2007. According to photos leaked to a few days ago, the new iPhone might be about 14 percent bigger, up to 4 inches in diameter. That's not a significant bump up in size, mind you, but certainly better for web browsing, messaging, ebooks, GPS navigation, games and video (in fact, the increase will likely change the aspect ratio from 3:2 to a widescreen 16:9). Apple will also pack more pixels on the taller screen, to ensure it's still a "Retina" display -- meaning its pixel density is so high the human eye is unable to distinguish individual dots.
Thinner body, bigger battery & new connector
The new screen — likely to be one of the biggest features in the iPhone 5 — will also be thinner, contributing to an even svelter smartphone. Apple was recently awarded a patent related to integrating touch sensors with the actual display circuits, opposed to placing the touch sensors on top of the LCD screen (currently, the way it's done). This will result in a thinner display, expected to trim the entire iPhone's depth by about 1.2mm.
On a related note, rumor has it the iPhone will have an all-new housing with a full metal back, replacing the breakable glass on the iPhone 4S.
As for the connectors, it seems the headphone jack has been moved from the top left of the phone to the bottom left, beside a small connector — 8- to 19-pin, allegedly — compared to the wide-mouth 30-pin connector in the current suite of iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) and the Apple nano, too. Unless there's an adaptor in the box to support the many thousands of accessories on the market, such as speaker docks, this change might frustrate current Apple customers. Apple is changing to this smaller dock connector on all future iOS products, various sources say.
On the subject of hardware, it's no secret the iPhone 4S battery is less than ideal for all of the phone's power-draining abilities. A leaked photo acquired by 9to5Mac points to a bigger battery in the iPhone 5 — but not by much. The current iPhone 4S sports a 1,430mAh battery (up from 1,420 mAh on the iPhone 4), and this photo shows a slightly better 1,440mAh battery, and upping to 3.8 volts from 3.7.
Let's just hope the new battery doesn't get as hot as the new iPad -- or take as long to charge it up.
New wireless tech
Speaking of smaller, there's talk (and photos) of a new nano SIM under the hood of iPhone 5 to give the iPhone cellular connectivity. Apple has been pushing for this as a standard for some time, so we'll soon see if iPhone 5 is the first to house this new SIM card.
Other changes to its wireless capabilities include 4G/LTE data speeds which take full advantage of the faster wireless networks available in select markets. For the uninitiated, "Long Term Evolution" cellular speeds rival if not exceed broadband Internet connections at home thanks to download speeds that top 72 Megabits per second -- though this number is "theoretical" opposed to slower "real world" performance. In areas without LTE support, the iPhone 5 would revert to HSPA+ (up to 21 Megabits per second downloads) or depending on the carrier, dual-carrier HSDPA for download speeds of up to 42 Megabits per second.
Already in the new iPad, LTE support in the iPhone 5 is extremely likely. That, and the Korea Times says Apple has been in discussions with two Korean mobile carriers (SK Telecom and KT) to include iPhone 5 on their LTE networks.
While not as likely as LTE, the iPhone 5 might also include near-field communication (NFC), a small wireless radio that essentially turns the smartphone into a digital wallet. This would allow iPhone users to tap-and-pay at supporting retailers and vending machines. Similar to Google Wallet, an iWallet app would be linked to your credit card or bank account. There are other applications for NFC-based smartphones, too, such as easily exchanging information with another smartphone, swiping to access information or media (such as poster of a movie to download a trailer) and to get on a bus or in your condo.
Apple recently acquired AuthenTec, a digital security company that makes, among other things, fingerprint sensors used in laptops. MacDailyNews suggests the fingerprint reader could be embedded in the Home button. Cool.
With all of these unknowns, here's one think you can bank on: whatever the new iPhone will be called, whenever it'll be available and regardless of what it can do, this will be the biggest tech event of the year -- and perhaps propel Apple towards being the first thirteen digit company. iOutstanding.

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'Eastwooding' turns into Internet sensation

Clint Eastwood's Republican National Convention speech in Tampa, Fla., sparks several comments on Twitter. (Mike Segar/Reuters)

The actor's bizarre RNC address to "the chair" touches off a social-media frenzy.
Clint Eastwood was the surprise speaker at the Republican convention. And the "Dirty Harry" actor's rambling speech didn't make everybody's day. The 82-year-old gave an ad-libbed talk to an empty chair on stage that was supposed to be President Obamaor where he was sittingor something.
It didn't take long for Obama's furniture stand-in to take on a life of its own. Cue the "Eastwooding" Web meme.
Game of Thrones "Eastwooding" from @Column55 on twitter.Immediately, Clint Eastwood became a trending topic on Twitter as commenters poured out their thoughtsand let their imaginations run wild.
From Brent Spiner ‏@BrentSpiner, "After watching Clint Eastwood's speech last night at the RNC, I'm voting for the chair. "
Chris Rock (yes, that Chris Rock) ‏@chrisrockoz posted, "Clint Eastwood on the phone with Obama now: 'It all went according to plan,sir.'"
@BorowitzReport wrote, "A new poll reveals that Romney trails Clint Eastwood's empty chair after convention."
Mr Eastwood addresses chair, at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, August 30, 2012. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty …
Ken Jennings ‏@KenJennings added,
"An LA cop friend tells me Clint Eastwood has been driving alone in the HOV lane 'with the President' for YEARS. "
Funny Or Die jumped in with a gallery of some of the best images, noting that Eastwood gave "a stern lecture to a chair," and picking up on some of the best chair memes, many of which involved the Eastwood/Chair ticket for 2012.
A fake Simpsons cartoon image shows Grandpa Simpson in a newspaper clipping with the headline, "Old man yells at chair."
And a Shepard Fairey version of the 2008 "Hope" poster was circulating with an image of a chair instead of Obama.
Suzanne Munshower ‏@expatina asked,
"I have one question: Was the mystery guest Clint Eastwood or the Invisible Obama?"
Simon Pegg ‏@simonpegg posted,
"Woken up to excited chatter in the US. Apparently Clint Eastwood had an argument with an empty chair regarding its political standpoint. "
FastLaugh ‏@FastLaugh tweeted,
"Give Clint Eastwood a break... The RNC asked him to speak about ObamaCare and he thought they said ObamaChair..."
Obama's Twitter feed, @BarackObama responded with the post:
"This seat's taken " and a photo of the commander-in-chief  in a chair with the plaque "The President." It's been retweeted more than 40,000 times.

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Another football fan falls to his death

This Feb. 28, 2001 file photo shows an aerial view of the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. Authorities say a 20-year-old man who plunged about 35 feet from the Georgia Dome's upper level and struck another fan during the Tennessee-North Carolina State college football game has died. (AP Photo/Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Rich Addicks)

A 20-year-old is the second to die in a stadium this week after plunging 35 feet at the Georgia Dome.
ATLANTA (AP) -- A 20-year-old man from Tennessee who plunged about 35 feet from the upper level of the Georgia Dome and struck another fan during the Tennessee-North Carolina State game has died, authorities said Saturday.
The man fell on another fan seated in the mezzanine area during the game Friday evening, The Georgia World Congress Center Authority, which operates the downtown football stadium, said in a statement.
Investigator Leon Harrison at the Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office told The Associated Press early Saturday that Isaac Grubb of Lenoir City, Tenn., was pronounced dead Friday night, minutes before midnight, at an Atlanta hospital.
He said the man had fallen about 35 feet and appeared to have suffered injuries from blunt force trauma.
''He passed away at the hospital,'' Harrison told AP by telephone, adding an autopsy was planned Saturday morning.
Harrison said the other fan was a man who was subsequently treated at another Atlanta hospital and released. He had no further details on the man's identity or his condition.
Jennifer LeMaster, a spokeswoman for the Georgia World Congress Center Authority, told AP before the death was confirmed by Harrison that she had no information beyond the authority's initial statement. She said, however, the authority was expected to release more information Saturday afternoon.
The authority had said the fall occurred about 8:30 p.m. Friday night during the game in which Tennessee beat North Carolina 35-21in the season opener for both teams.
The fall occurred a day after a 25-year-old fan tumbled about 60 feet from a fifth-floor escalator at Reliant Stadium in Houston during a preseason Houston Texans game. Jonathon Kelly died from the fall during the Thursday night game against the Minnesota Vikings, and frantic witnesses called police to report where his body had landed, police spokesman John Cannon said. Police said the fall appeared to be an accident.
Last year, a firefighter attending a Texas Rangers game in Arlington died when he fell from the left field stands while reaching for a baseball tossed his way by All-Star outfielder Josh Hamilton. The man's 9-year-old son witnessed the fall. A statue was later dedicated at Rangers Ballpark to the man and his son, and railings were raised throughout the park before this season.

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Old Spice guy's really annoying habit

Terry Crews's Old Spice ad (Old Spice)
  Viewers may be fascinated, but Terry Crews's wife has seen enough of one of his shirtless moves.

Eight words that most liars use

Words that liars use (Thinkstock)

Beware if somebody slips these phases into conversation, warns a lie detection expert.
Liar, liar. Pants on fire.Odds are, you and your guy have a great relationship, and the only lies he tells are little fibs. But it's good to know how to spot the signs he could be telling a whopper. Lie detection expert Janine Driver, author of the new book, You Can't Lie to Me, fills us in on the words that give away a liar.
Liar, liar. Pants on fire. 
Liar, liar. Pants on fire.

By Korin Miller

Sure, sometimes 'left' is the only word you can use in a situation, but there's some kind of drama involved when he uses it in place of another word that will do (think: "I left the bar at six" vs. "I went home at six"). It could be due to his desire to "leave" the lie behind.

The big thing to look out for is when he says "never" when "no" will do. It's a sign he's overcompensating. For example, if you ask, "Did you just look at that girl's butt?" and he says, "Never!"

Like never, it depends on how he uses it. If he puts "that" in front of a noun, like "that woman" or "that money," it's a subconscious attempt for him to distance himself from the word. This is a common trick of manipulators.

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If he skips "no" and goes straight to "I would never do something like that!" when talking about a past event, be wary. For example, "Are you still talking to your ex?" "I would never do that to you!" "Would never" suggests that he plans to do it in the future.

"Yes, ma'am"
If your guy is a Southern gentleman, then this doesn't apply. But if he suddenly says "ma'am" to you out of nowhere, be cautious. It's a sign that he feels like he's feeling stressed and knows he's in trouble.

"By the way…"
Liars use phrases like this to try to minimize what they say next-but usually it's what's most important to the story. Pay extra attention to what he says afterward.

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Liars usually try to downplay what they say with this word, so pay attention when he says something like, "I know this is going to sound strange, but…" or "I know you think I'm lying, but…"

"Why would I do that?"
It's a favorite stalling line of liars, so they can buy a little time to work out what to say next. These phrases also fit the bill: "What kind of person do you think I am?", "Are you calling me a liar?", and "I knew this was going to happen to me!"
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