Saturday, June 9, 2012

China gears up for manned space mission

China reportedly gearing up for manned space mission (AP)

The country reportedly will launch three astronauts to dock with an orbiting

'Drunk' deer forces driver into a ditch

'Drunk' deer forces driver off road (Broken News Daily)

The bumbling creature is presumed to have enjoyed a little too much of spring bud's potent brew.

Teacher to students: 'You're not special'

Teacher to students: 'You're not special' (Screengrab via WellesleyChannelTV/YouTube)

An unusually blunt commencement speech mocks high school students' place in society.

Hot dogs that aren't worthy of your grill

Best and worst hot dogs (Thinkstock)

Avoid one brand's low-fat franks, which are made from a mix of highly-processed mystery meat

Tech firm's crude joke in tweet draws fire

Tech firm's crude joke in tweet draws fire

Asus's comment about a woman demonstrating one of its products outrages the Web.

Rescue reveals 'Taylor Swift' super power

'Taylor Swift' has super power ('Hackerazzi' on Yahoo! Comedy)

The pop star uses freak strength for good — then evil — when she discovers who was helped.

Dumbest political quotes of the week

Dumbest political quotes of the week. Here, conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh and Kim Kardashian (AP Photos)

Rush Limbaugh lumps Obama with Kim Kardashian, while a singer makes a strange remark.

Star's sly move with a squirt gun

Kelly Ripa (Splash News) 

Star's sly move with a squirt gun 

New U.S. stealth warship stirs controversy

New U.S. stealth warship stirs controvery. This image released by Bath Iron Works shows a rendering of the DDG-1000 Zumwalt, the U.S. Navy's next-generation destroyer. (AP Photo/Bath Iron Works)

The craft sports weapons right out of a sci-fi movie, but at a cost that could cripple the military.

LeBron doused by a 'classless' fan

LeBron James exits the Boston Garden floor after Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals. (Screen grab courtesy of Yahoo! Sports Blogs)

After single-handedly destroying the Celtics, James suffers an indignity while leaving the court.

Sharapova storms to historic victory

Maria Sharapova celebrates her French Open win on Saturday. (Getty Images)

The Russian star completes a major career milestone by beating Sara Errani in two sets.

Princess runs out on $7.7 million hotel bill

Yahoo! placeholder image. (Yahoo!)

A Saudi royal — and her entourage of 60 — were spotted trying to leave at 3:30 in the morning.

Suspect's eyebrow-raising explanation

Winston A. Riley (Connecticut Department of Corrections)

Winston A. Riley is accused of robbing an 81-year-old woman outside a casino.

Wow! Check out Cher's stunning mom

Cher (Getty Images)

The star's mother, Georgia Holt, looks pretty darn good for being 86 years old.

Ever wonder how Cher manages to look so great at age 66? Look no further than her genes, as evidenced by a photo the singer/actress tweeted of her beautiful mother, Georgia Holt, on Wednesday.

Mysterious light over Middle East explained

Mysterious light hovers over Middle East. (Screen grab from YouTube video) 


A mysterious light seen over several countries in the Middle East on Thursday night has been confirmed by multiple sources as a Russian intercontinental ballistic missile test. There had been speculation that the strange sight, which was seen over countries in the region including Syria, Israel and Iran, might have been some sort of unidentified aircraft.

The object was first seen when journalist Rob Stevens posted an image to his Twitter account. Stevens wrote, "Just Seen a strange UFO over Fheis. It hovered, and then made a swirl and disappeared."