Monday, March 14, 2011

Disney movie's terrible box office debut

'Mars Needs Moms' (Disney)

"Mars Needs Moms" earns only a tiny fraction of its $150 million budget in its first weekend.

How Japan's huge quake altered the planet

An energy map provided by NOAA shows the intensity of the tsunami caused by Japan's earthquake (Reuters/NOAA)
The force of Friday's historic temblor has shifted the Earth's axis and moved coastlines up to 13 feet

What does a lady-in-waiting do?

(Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Once married, Kate Middleton is likely to choose her sister Pippa for the role.

Cleansing Earth with giant cloned trees

In this October, 2010, photo provided by Archangel Ancient Tree Archive, group member Jake Milarch climbs the Waterfall Tree, a famed giant sequoia that measures 155 feet in circumference at bottom, near Camp Nelson, Calif. Milarch gathered cuttings from the tree to develop clones for Archangel's project to restore ancient forests. (AP Photo/courtesy of Archangel Ancient Tree Archive)

An organization is planting copies of ancient trees all around the world.

The 10 highest-paid government jobs

White House (ThinkStock)

The person who oversees the U.S. mail draws a bigger salary than Hillary Clinton's $186,600.

Beckhams reveal baby surprise

David and Victoria Beckham with their boys Brooklyn, Cruz and Romeo (Tony Woolliscroft/

After 11 years of marriage and three boys, David and Victoria Beckham are in for something new.

Chilling video shows wave overtaking town

Tsunami wave hits city of Miyako (ABC News/ANN)

Eyewitness footage captures a black tsunami wave crashing through the streets of Miyako, Japan.

From space, images of a devastated land

Combination photo shows satellite images of Sendai, Japan taken by the GeoEye-1 satellite on November 15, 2009 (L), and on March 12, 2011 after magnitude 8.9 earthquake and tsunami struck the region. (REUTERS/GeoEye Satellite Image)

Satellite photos of Japan's shattered northeast coast capture the immense destruction.

New worries at troubled nuclear reactor

In this image made off Japan's NTV/NNN Japan television footage, smoke ascends from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant's Unit   3. (AP/NTV/NNN Japan)

The threat of a meltdown at the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant looms as fuel rods are fully exposed again.

Soaring death toll devastates Japan

A resident reacts as she views an area where her houses was located in Yamada, northern Japan. (AP/Kyodo News)

A tide of up to 2,000 bodies washes up along the coast as millions struggle with quake's aftermath.