Tuesday, November 16, 2010

PM iterates strong stance to curb bribery, graft

The prime minister, Sheikh Hasina, has reiterated her government’s strong stance to crack-down nexus of bribery and corruption while providing services to the people.
‘We want to raze the nexus of bribery and corruption in providing government services,’ she said while inaugurating the collection of vehicle tax and fees through online banking for Bangladesh Road Transport Authority.
Communication ministry organised the programme where minister Syed Abul Hossain was present as the special guest.
The prime minister said it was not a mere decision of raising just slogans against corruption. ‘We have to introduce a system to eradicate corruption,’ she said.
Referring digitisation she said that when everything would be brought under digital system corruption will be stopped automatically.
In this connection she said her government already started online tendering system for public procurement to some extent and gradually all tendering system will be placed under online system. ‘At that time no one will be able to grab tender by muscle power,’ she said.
Hasina asked the authorities concerned to introduce online system for vehicle registration and licensing.
She expressed her hope that BRTA would get pace in their day to day activities due to the online system of vehicle tax and fees. ‘Besides, the hassle of the customers will be reduced a lot,’ she said.
She mentioned that like the filling of admission forms for admission in universities her government was thinking to introduce such system for the admission in schools as well.
The prime minister underscored the need of a safe and secured journey for the people apart from providing a strong road communication network.
Giving instances of casualties in road accident every day she said inefficient driver, dilapidated vehicles and violating traffic rules are the main causes of high rate of road accidents.
She said her government was firmly committed to stopping such kind of irregularities to provide safe road for all.
Regarding the intolerable traffic congestion in the capital city she said the government had taken short, long and medium term steps to free the city from traffic jam.
Hasina said they had concentrated in brining discipline in all sectors and establish Bangladesh a place of modern, corruption free, terrorism free and peaceful country.

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