Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Films for Eid entertainment

Romantic movies starring hit couples of the Dhalywood based film industry, will be released in this Eid. It is a popular perception of the movie industry that such movies have still a limited market set against the backdrop of the slumped trade market.
Shakib khan and Apu in a film
A total of such five commercial movies will be screened at the theatres across the country. Moreover, another movie will be premiered on a TV channel on the following day of Eid.
‘Prem Mane Na Bandha’, directed by Safi Iqbal, focuses a romantic love story that began with an incident of theft of a necklace of the heroine of the film, Upama. But, Upama’s father adamantly refuses the relation. Shakib Khan, Sohel Rana, Sucharita and Don have performed different roles in the film.
In ‘Paran Jai Jaliya Re’, directed by popular film director Sohanur Rahman Sohan, the hero pretends to be falling in love with heroine. The cast includes Shakib Khan, Purnima, Nadi, Romana, ATM Shamsuzzaman and Misha Sawdagar.
The film, ‘Hai Prem Hai Bhalobasa’, directed by Nazrul Islam, deals with a love story between a young man from working-class society and a girl born with silver spoon in mouth. Shakib Khan, Apu Biswas, Sucharita, Aliraj, Kabila, Illius Kobra, Miju Ahmed and Misha Sawdagar play the major roles in the film.
Shakib khan and Apu in a film
Filmmaker Swapan Chowdhury’s ‘Bastir Chhele Kotipoti’ zooms in on a family living in a slum. When the mother is assaulted by a influential local man who owns an apparel company, the youngest son of the family vows to take revenge on him. Maruf, Sahara, Sakiba, Aman, Ravina, Misha Sawdagar and Miju Ahmed are the actors of the film.
The film ‘Ek Jaban’, directed by prolific film director, FI Manik, chronicles a passionate love story where Racy, Mimo, Joy and Miju Ahmed play lead roles.
TV play director Nurul Alam Atik’s much awaited debut film, ‘Dub San(n)tar’, will be also premiered on this Eid on Channel-i on the second day of Eid at 11:10am. The film deals with a young woman burdened with the responsibility of a whole family. Popular TV actor Joya Ahsan plays the lead role in the film along with Shehjad, Wadida Mollick Joly, Shahriar Shuvo, Tinni, Swagota and others.

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