Tuesday, November 16, 2010

BNP for tougher anti-govt movement after Eid

The Bangladesh Nationalist Party will launch a ‘tougher’ anti-government movement after Eid ul-Azha to oust this ‘fascist and repressive’ government from power.
The party thanked the countrymen and its activists across the country for making the hartal a ‘success’ and accused the government of spreading lies about Khaleda’s eviction from the cantonment house where she had lived for the last 38 years.
The party rejected outright the claim of the ISPR that she had left the house willingly and said the government had forced the ISPR to tell such a blatantly obvious lie.
‘By making today’s strike successful, the people have expressed their hatred for, and lack of confidence in, this oppressive and illegal government which has been a burden for the countrymen,’ said the BNP’s secretary-general, Khandakar Delwar Hossain, at a press conference in BNP’s central office in Naya Paltan on Sunday, the day the party enforced a daylong, countrywide hartal.
‘Despite all the efforts of the government to foil the strike, the countrymen spontaneously and peacefully observed the strike to express their disapproval of the way the government has evicted Khaleda from her cantonment residence,’ said Delwar.
‘The police did not allow the activists to take to the streets. Whenever the activists tried to bring out processions, the police attacked them as ferociously as tigers,’ he added.
‘I know what the government will say. Even yesterday (Saturday) they said that the people of the country would reject the strike, but the reality is different. People no more believe this government’s lies,’ he claimed.
Delwar said the people would continue to be deprived of their rights and of justice and no problems of the country and its people would be solved as long as this government stays in power.
‘The people no longer want this illegal and oppressive government to stay in power. So, in line with aspirations of the people, we will wage a tougher movement to oust this government,’ he said.
Referring to the eviction of Khaleda Zia from the cantonment house, in protest against which the BNP enforced the hartal on Sunday, Delwar said, ‘There are many black days in the history of Bangladesh. The illogical, illegal and inhumane way in which Khaleda Zia was evicted from her home will be considered a black day.’
Delwar alleged that the government had concocted a story on the eviction of Khaleda Zia to misguide the people, and had also forced the Inter-Services Public Relations to say that she had left the house willingly.
Referring to the ISPR’s claim that Khaleda left her cantonment residence at her own will, Delwar said, ‘The ISPR was forced to circulate one lie after another on Saturday. We strongly protest against the propaganda which is similar to that of the AL.’
‘Today the government has taken the media people and TV cameras to Khaleda Zia’s cantonment residence as part of their propaganda to misguide the people,’ he said.
‘You all saw and heard how Khaleda Zia herself described the eviction. They broke open the door and she was dragged forcibly of her home.’
Delwar also came down heavily on Awami League’s joint general secretary Mahbub-ul-Alam Hanif for his statements on the eviction, and said, ‘Hanif just echoed what the ISPR claimed.’
‘As Khaleda Zia herself moved the court to seek justice against the government’s notice to leave the house, and as the issue is still pending in the Supreme Court, how could she leave the house willingly?’ he wondered.
‘In this case, the government not only spearheaded the false campaign, but also compelled the ISPR to provide false and baseless information,’ he claimed.
Delwar alleged that the government was out to tighten its hold by politicizing the police, army, Bangladesh Rifles, judiciary and the administration.
‘The judiciary is the last resort of the distressed people, but they are not getting justice. Where will they go if the trials’ verdicts depend on political considerations?’ he asked.
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