Friday, March 11, 2011

Footage gives startling views of tsunami

Cars and containers are swept by a tsunami wave in Miyako (Reuters/TBS via Reuters TV) 

A 30-year-old Secret Service audiotape sheds light on the chaotic aftermath of the attack.

Watch raw footage of the Japan earthquake and tsunami

An 8.9 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Northeast Japan spawned a ferocious tsunami that's caused massive destruction; flattening whole cities, starting raging fires, and killing hundreds. Nearly 88,000 people are reported missing, according to the official Kyodo news agency.
We've gathered some videos that show the scope of the disaster, and you can also see The Atlantic's collection of photos of the quake.
Footage of the tsunami quickly enveloping the city of Sendai, Japan. Officials say 200 to 300 bodies have been found in this city.

A skyscraper wobbles during the quake: 




News Source: Yahoo

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