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Obama's move accomplice is persona non grata in D.C. government

Virginia McLaurin, 107, sits in her apartment in Northwest Washington. She has been trying for nearly a month to get a government-issued photo ID but is entangled in a bureaucratic Catch-22.
© Courtland Milloy/The Washington Post Virginia McLaurin, 107, sits in her loft in Northwest Washington. She has been striving for about a month to get an official picture ID however is ensnared in a bureaucratic Catch-22

Virginia McLaurin, who as of late turned 107, was all the while relaxing in the gleam of her hit the dance floor with President Obama in February. A White House video of the meeting has been seen almost 66 million times. The consideration has brought about welcomes to New York and Los Angeles for media interviews.

To load up a plane, in any case, McLaurin needs to supplant a departed officially sanctioned personal ID.

To get a D.C. Bureau of Motor Vehicles non-drivers' picture ID, she needs a birth authentication from South Carolina, where she was conceived. To get the birth authentication, she needs the personal ID. An exemplary bureaucratic Catch-22.

"I don't think I'll ever understand that face card," McLaurin let me know amid a late visit to her condo in Northwest Washington. "I was birthed by a maternity specialist and the birthday put in a Bible some place. I don't know whether they even had birth testaments in those days."

On the brilliant side, I noted, in any event the District didn't require a personal ID to vote. McLaurin prized her entitlement to vote would in any case have the capacity to cast her poll in the D.C. essential come June.

In any case, about 30 states have received a variety of prohibitive voter ID laws, and elderly natives who live in those states appeared to be especially at danger of having their rights denied.

"I'd ask long and hard to my God on the off chance that they ever attempted to accomplish something to that effect to me," McLaurin said, her voice ascending in upright resentment. Such a great amount for my thought of the brilliant side.

In Asheville, N.C., a state DMV office denied 86-year-old Reba Miller Bowser a picture ID in February despite the fact that she had a birth declaration, Social Security card, a Medicare card, link bill and condo lease.

The reason given: Bowser required an archive that demonstrated she had lawfully transformed her birth name to her wedded name.

Luckily for her, the DMV rethought the choice and issued an ID in time for her to vote in the state's essential races a month ago.

"Yes, the DMV is twisting over in reverse in my mom's individual circumstance," Ed Bowser told the Asheville Citizen-Times. "Yet, in the event that the DMV hadn't been called to undertaking by the media and there hadn't been so much shock and concern, would they be doing it?"

McLaurin's dealings with the D.C. Branch of Motor Vehicles have not worked out too.

She and her child, Felipe Cardoso, met with a director at the DMV. They were informed that the Department of Homeland Security had initiated harder rules for issuing picture IDs. Cardoso was given an application that he could round out asking for a birth endorsement from an authority of key records in Columbia, S.C. He would need to incorporate a $12 non-refundable records look expense — and a duplicate of an official picture ID.

"When we get applications without appropriate recognizable proof, we dismiss them consequently; we don't prepare them," the guidelines read.

The District's DMV really issued McLaurin a provisional ID for use when she rented a condo a month ago. In any case, the picture of her is scarcely conspicuous and, as Cardoso comprehended it, new Department of Homeland Security rules don't perceive those sorts of impermanent IDs as adequate for acquiring either a perpetual officially sanctioned ID, birth declaration or even a plane ticket.

"It's pitiful to see my mom standing in lines, getting tired," Cardoso said. "She can't see how her photo could be in every one of those daily papers and everywhere throughout the Internet, in what manner or capacity numerous individuals could remember her in the city and need to bring selfies with her, and she can't get a picture ID."

At a certain point, McLaurin appeared very nearly reprimanding herself for the problem. She could have gotten her unique DMV personal ID supplanted numerous years prior after a tote was grabbed with the recognizable proof card inside.

She couldn't review precisely when the occurrence happened. Be that as it may, she could review how it happened.

"I was remaining on sixteenth Street, sitting tight for a transport, and these three colleagues passed me in an auto and went one piece, then I saw two of them strolling back together, similar to they were playing," she said. "Before I knew anything, one of them had strolled up to me and said, 'I'll take this.' "

She motioned as though expelling a satchel strap from her shoulder.

"I didn't recover any of my things," she said. "At that point I began putting off supplanting them since I would not like to consider bearing stuff that individuals would take."

McLaurin isn't certain she's up for taking a long plane ride. Having made it out of the cotton fields of Chesterfield, S.C., to a hit the dance floor with Obama at the White House might be sufficient go for one lifetime.

Also, she appeared to be more disturbed about individuals being denied the privilege to vote on account of voter ID laws than about not having the capacity to get a personal ID for herself.

In any case, a duplicate of her stolen picture ID should be on record at the DMV. Furthermore, it would be pleasant on the off chance that she at long last got it back.

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