Sunday, September 9, 2012

Football play no one should try again

Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein heads toward the goal line against Miami (Y! Sports screengrab)

This play may have worked great in practice but it never had a chance in a game, a writer says.
I'm sure in practice, when quarterback Collin Klein did that ridiculous hop and threw the ball behind his back like a bad Magic Johnson impersonation, it looked great. Chris Harper probably walked into the end zone every time.
In an actual game against Miami, well, it wasn't so good. The Wildcats went from the 1-yard line back to the 20 on this play. Might want to tear up that page of the playbook and stick to handoffs, K-State. Then again, the Wildcats are up 24-6 at halftime on Miami even with this debacle of a play. Maybe we should be making cracks about the Hurricanes instead.

News source: yahoo

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