Monday, March 7, 2011

'Saturday Night Live' Recap: Miley Cyrus Does Her Best Justin Bieber

Here's the good news: "Saturday Night Live" functioned exactly as it was supposed to last night. The Charlie Sheen jokes were immediate and plentiful, and guest host Miley Cyrus playfully emasculated her teen heartthrob counterpart, Justin Bieber. But here's the potentially sad news that comes along with it: This made for an inoffensive, uneventful, and very lazy "SNL."

"SNL" opened with Bill Hader busting out his best Charlie Sheen. He hosted a show called "Duh, Winning!" that included impersonations of every other infamous celebrity busted for public drunkenness this week. Of course, this was exactly what you expected "SNL" would do in this situation, and it was profoundly predictable. Fred Armisen's Moammar Gadhafi almost saved the sketch with some actual jokes, but it wasn't enough to stop the mediocre impersonation carousel.

This sketch parade included a too-long version of "The Miley Cyrus Show," wherein Vanessa Bayer reprised her Miley Cyrus role and the real Cyrus stepped in as a slightly more androgynous-looking Justin Bieber. Her Bieber impersonation was passable, but jokes would be nice. I guess that's all we're saying, as a collective viewership: "Your impersonations are great, 'SNL.' Some jokes to go along with them would be lovely."
Do you love the concept of a mock talk show with seemingly random impersonated celebrities as guests? Great! Because "SNL" relied on this proven formula yet again last night. This one even had a funny, substantial premise: It was hosted by the two lesser-known members of the Black Eyed Peas, who can't get out of Fergie's shadow, even on their own talk show. But it just went on too long. A lot of this episode went on too long.
The best moments came when there were some jokes with teeth, when the writing wasn't so stridently topical. The show's strongest sketch was a mock promo for the Disney Channel Acting School, hosted by Cyrus and Kenan Thompson as Raven Symone. Thompson, a former Nickelodeon staple and therefore a veteran in overblown child acting, carried the bit. It revealed some widely known, rarely said truths about the shows we all used to watch. It was truly comedy.

So was Cyrus's cruise ship sketch, where she played a lounge singer disgusted by her shrimp-infested clientele. It's unrelenting and sort of brilliant. Then it was back to Cyrus being someone else or singing or dancing without much to say, in a burlesque sort of way. Lindsay Lohan, Fergie, Julie Andrews, Justin Bieber, herself: lots of singing — just not much joking.

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