Monday, November 22, 2010

Popy is back to her action girl image

Actress Popy
Popular actress of the big screen Sadika Parvin Popy, after seven long years, has agreed to get under the skin of action heroine.
In her next movie ‘Aghataan’ the sex-bomb will be seen as an action girl. This will also be her first appearance against action hero Zayed Khan.
In the meantime Popy has created an image of an actress who is ready to adapt herself to any challenging role.
She says, ‘In the last couple of years I have acted, among other notable films, in ‘Rani Kuthir Baaki Itihash’, ‘Megher Kole Rode’ and ‘Dariapaarer Daulati.’ None of these were action films. Seven years back I have acted in my last action movie ‘Bostir Rani Suraiya’ which was directed by my first director Mantazur Rahman Akbar. Recently, he has proposed me to do another action performance and I have readily accepted it.’

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