Tuesday, August 9, 2016

FOX News Hosts LAUGH OUT LOUD After Wasserm Booed at DNC Convention (VIDEO)

They actually believe if they just keep saying something over and over again that people will believe them. Social media these days is lightyears ahead of where it was in just 2012, let alone 2008. That shit doesn't fly.
They were saying Boo-Urn! Boo-Urn her at the stake.
2005 was really the golden ago of social media. You could complain about your dog's faggot grin and no one would get triggered. I feel bad for people who became teenagers 7 years ago or since. The world became really gay after 2009.
They shit on little debbie, but fail to mention she got hired back onto the clinton campaign right after she left the dnc. Fox is controlled opposition. The ibuypower of partisan news coverage.
MSNBC says 'cheers'. Now that is dishonest.
Pool's closed due to AIDS
Man, back during the days of the Habbo raids and Anonymous beginning to enter the public eye. The Internet just ain't quite as pure and unadulterated nowadays.
.>She is trying to "Correct the record"
Guys we are reaching critical levels. Shall we go one?
"Everybody settle down!"
Maybe they were trying to settle down the over-enthusiastic support from their base? I'm pretty sure they were saying "Boo-urns"

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